In the third week of September was “International Talk Like a Pirate Day”, it was a great chance to include some topical information that everyone was talking about into your social media mix. This quick case study is taking a look at the Facebook interactions of 2 larger brands in that week.

How do you measure effective social media? Feel free to comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Case study 1 – B105 Radio Brisbane

B105 (a Brisbane based radio station) at the time had 172,400 fans of their Facebook page and posted 75 times in that week.

Would you think this is overkill with the quantity of posts?

Perhaps, but overall for that week they had over 81,000 interactions… almost 50% of their total number of fans (and their friends) choose to actively interact with them.

With social media, the basis of any successful post is all about the interactions, engaging the community you have with likes, and having them spread the message, to their friends through shares and comments.

So what did they talk about online?

B105 Top Facebook Posts

The 2 posts with the largest interactions are well targeted to their audience, women born in the 90’s, and the top post was about Leonardo DiCaprio and the ongoing lack of Oscar for his ongoing stellar performances, with an image.

Second most popular was a childhood memory, again with an image, touching on the heartstrings of their fans.

The Leonardo Facebook post saw 12,372 interactions, which is approx. 7.17% of their audience.

The next most popular post about stick on earrings had 9,526 interactions, approximately 5.52% of the audience.

Is this amount of interaction good for a brand this size? Lets compare to a larger brand and see what the numbers tell us.

Case study 2 – Pirates of the Caribbean

Being talk  like a Pirate day in that same week, is very topical and appropriate for the Pirates of the Caribbean Facebook page. With a fan base of over 24 million likes, they have plenty of people to reach out to, lets have a look at their page.

In this week they posted 4 times, a far cry from the 75 posts of B105, with a reach of 454,800 (1.86%). While the actual numbers are substantially more, the percentages are significantly less.

While the total numbers are impressive, the actual percentage is quite low. As a big brand, do they need to post as often? Perhaps not, but will their brand be as prevalent as one that posts more often?

Lets look at the numbers of their two biggest posts.

Pirates Top Facebook Posts

The first one is a quote from their movie series, again with an image with an emotional base. This had 60,081 interactions which is approximately 0.24 % of their fans.

The most popular post with a massive 206,651 interactions was a quiz, with an image of two of the stars. While the numbers are huge for most businesses, when you reduce it to the percentages it’s only 0.84%… less than 1% of their fans (and friends) are choosing to interact with them.

So, what impact does this have on these companies? While Pirates has a greater fan base, a much smaller percentage of them are actually seeing or interacting with what is being posted, and B105 having the smaller fanbase, has a much higher percentage of interactions.

Here’s a summary of the information for easier comparison:

B105 Summary

  • 172,400 fans
  • 50% interactions in the one week from 75 posts
  • Top post 12,372 interactions – 7.17%
  • Second Top post 9,526 interactions – 5.52%

Pirates Summary

  • Over 24 million fans
  • 1.86% interactions in the one week from 4 posts
  • Top post 454,800 interactions  – 1.86%
  • Second Top post 206,651 interactions –  0.84%

If Social Media is indeed about engagement, and interacting with people, I would say the brand with the smaller fanbase is far in the lead in making more effective social media interactions.

What do you think? Is the percentages or the numbers a better measure of effectiveness?