We’re excited to be wrapping up the year that was 2018 and super pumped for 2019 – but in the break, you can bet your badly wrapped present from Aunty Gina that we’re going to be kicking back and relaxing! To celebrate the festive season, we wanted to share our team’s Christmas traditions, rituals, non-denominational festivities, and ingrained family sacraments that we just cannot seem to shake. Enjoy – and a happy festive season and a fantastic New Year to you and your loved ones.

Laura – Content Writer

I’m going to be kicking back at my parent’s house at the beach. Every year we open presents around the Christmas tree (usually a shrub stolen from the backyard and festooned with way too much tinsel courtesy of my sister) – often with a cheeky Bailey’s on ice in hand – before heading down to the beach for a swim. When we get back it’s a lazy BBQ on the deck with plenty of seafood and salads; we have a few wines and a couple of beers for drinks – nothing too elaborate, it’s usually too hot to function. When lunch is over, we sit around and go over the year that has been and map out our plans for next year. A nap in the arvo, followed by another swim and that’s the day done! We usually always play beach cricket on Boxing Day as well.


Bart – SEO Specialist Technician

I’ll be having a pretty low-key festive season this year. I’ll probably head down to Redcliffe – maybe to Sutton’s Beach and sip some Umeshu (a Japanese plum wine) while catching up on some reading. My family are in Poland, so I’ll catch up with them, but mainly I’ll be enjoying being warm.

Meagan – SEO Account Manager

Come Christmas you will find me down on the Gold Coast with the whole family. And when I say whole family it’s a big affair – we’re Italian so the focus is basically on food. And drinks. And more food. Our Christmas Day lunch consists of ham, turkey, seafood, Italian foods; it’s a massive spread and yes, we essentially live on leftovers for a week afterwards. Our Christmas morning ritual is opening presents at the crack of dawn, but we also double down on the food by having a turkey dinner on Christmas Eve. I anticipate spending most of the day sipping champagne and going from feast to feast. It’s a hard life.


Tania – Content Manager

The whole family descends on mum and dad’s place and my sister has recently given birth to her new baby, so this year I’m excited to be getting lots of Aunty cuddles. Plus new bub it’s going to be me, my husband, my sister and her partner, plus mum and dad around the table for Christmas lunch. We are going to be feasting on ham, turkey, salads, baked cheese (it’s an absolute delight – camembert, brie… *drools*), plus pavlova for afters and rum balls. No, I definitely cannot move after that lunch. We open presents in the morning, and then after lunch, we play Unstable Unicorns (awesome game – give it a go!) and get nostalgic watching old family videos. And then, of course, there is the constant soundtrack of Christmas carols and songs in the background which I not so secretly love.


Tristan – BDM

This year we’ll be with family in Japan feasting on King Crab Hot Pot and hanging out with my brother’s family. We don’t mind partaking of a little (ok maybe a lot) of Japanese Whisky and we most certainly indulge in watching whatever weird (there’s really no other word for it) Japanese TV is on. Tradition-wise, we do most of our celebrating on Christmas Eve which means that we’re dozing for most of Christmas Day. But as someone who loves to nap, that’s absolutely fine with me.

Gabrielle – Web Designer

My Christmas tradition is to head to my parent’s house and to be with my family. I use Christmas as a hall-pass to eat chocolate for breakfast. And before you judge me, I know you’re doing the same thing. I see you. There are presents in the morning and we usually engage in a pretty competitive Wii battle. It’s low-key and there’s plenty of food. Oh, and my dogs will be there too. I’m pretty sure I’ll dress them up. I’ll definitely dress them up. OK they’re dressed up right now.


RJ – Content Writer

We’re lucky enough to be heading south to Melbourne this year to spend the festive season with the in-laws. We’re probably going to keep it pretty low key, and by low key I mean we’ll let someone else do the cooking, heading to wherever is nice and will take a dinner booking for ten of us on Christmas eve. Essential drinks for me would have to be great tea and great whisky; I like both, and I like ‘em a lot. Come Christmas Day you’ll find us sprawled out in the park having a relaxed picnic, eating a lot… and ok you got me, at some point I’ll slot in a (re)watch of Love Actually. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Katie – Google Ads Account Manager

Oh, they’re all jealous of me in the office, I’m already on my way to Mission Beach with the fam where we’re spending Christmas with the in-laws! Come Christmas day we’ll find our way to the pool and probably be in and out of there all day; food-wise you can bet we’ll be feasting on seafood, turkey, and a truly formidable cheese platter. It’s a bit of tradition to eat and drink heaps – just like everyone else I suppose! We love quaffing a bit of sparkling and some fruit cocktails, oh and there’s plenty of good-natured ribbing and general frivolity where everyone pokes fun at everyone. Can’t wait!


Alex – SEO Account Manager/Team Leader

I’ll be kicking it in Brissy this year with my wife and my son Eddison. It’s my son’s first Christmas so we’re looking forward to kitting him out in Christmas pyjamas and introducing him to the time honoured and deeply sacred tradition of listening to Michael Bublé on repeat all day. We spend most of the day in the pool, getting out only to eat two roast lunches (what, your family doesn’t do double lunch? You’re missing out) and pressing start again on the Michael Bublé CD. Oh, and we also don’t mind a cheeky game of Monopoly.

Steph – Google Ads Account Manager

We’re postponing our family Christmas this year; my sister’s in-laws have got her for Xmas day, so we decided to make our family celebration on the 5th of January. I see it as making this a Christmas month, instead of one single day. Smart, huh? So, Christmas morning (January 5th) I’ll be sitting in the lounge room with my sister drinking coffee and waiting for mum and dad to get up to open presents, except this year we’ll have to wait for dad to finish playing golf (he only skips golf on Saturday for super special occasions) before playing board games and probably eating all day. On December 25 though, I’ll head past my grandmother’s place for a cup of tea before heading to my husband’s parent’s house to spend Xmas with the in-laws. There’s always a literal tonne of food, most likely some most excellent apple pie… my mum-in-law always over caters. Which is absolutely fine by me. We love watching movies together and we might get a game of cards in.


Chris – Managing Director

I’m going to be in Brisbane this year spending the day feasting and chilling out, surrounded by family and friends. We kick the day off with coffee and presents and then come lunchtime it’s a seafood feast (prawns for days ? ? ?) accompanied by plenty of cocktails. After lunch we try to shake off the inevitable food coma with some table tennis and Mario Cart on Wii.

Nicole – Social Media Intern

Look for me on the Gold Coast! Come Christmas Day I’ll be surrounded by family and friends, sipping bubbles and chilling out. We usually have a meal at midnight on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas Day we have a veggie roast accompanied by plenty of champagne. As far as family traditions go you can bet there’ll be some karaoke in there somewhere, which is just fine by me.

Henry – SEO Technician

Brisbane is where I’ll be for Christmas this year. I’ll be feasting on turkey, hanging out with family and friends, and having a couple of drinks. We like to watch some movies after lunch and maaaybe have a nap (ok most likely I will have a nap). On Boxing Day, we head out and do some window shopping, maybe score some deals but mostly walk around and just enjoy the Christmas vibes!

Jamie – Social Media Manager

This year I’ll be in Redcliffe kicking it with the entirety of my truly formidable extended family. Naturally, there will be prawns (heaps of prawns), ham, salads; and of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without my Aunty Lyn’s special deviled eggs. They’re amazing. We’ll be sipping the gin and tonics and blasting Christmas music all day, and it wouldn’t be a family Christmas without our annual music quiz and card games. Oh, and of course lollies with breakfast. It’s tradition, after all.


Mark – Web Designer

I’m looking forward to being in Brisbane with family and friends. We’re going to be eating roast pork, flat Lai, prawns and salads. I’m looking forward to drinking some beers, watching some Netflix and generally just hanging out and taking it easy!

On behalf of all of us at KDM, happy festive season and we can’t wait to see you all back again bigger and better in 2019 ???