So, you’ve started your own Facebook advertising account and you’re ready to start promoting your business online. Congratulations! Social media is a hugely effective way to reach out to new audiences and connect with your legions of fans online. With Facebook analytics and advertising, it’s possible to put your message in front of interested people at the exact moment that they want to see it – which means that your business will gain more hits, likes and overall engagement.

But there’s a catch – as there always is, right? The catch is this: Facebook advertising is only superior and exciting and effective when you’ve done the work and made a great ad. Simply posting about how super amazing your business is online isn’t going to bring in the likes.

Oh but you did the work? You sculpted glorious ad copy and took your time crafting a stunning header image on Canva but still didn’t get the results? Well, that’s probably because your audience selection was wrong. Or something else wasn’t quite right.

The formula is simple:

Quality ad + metrics-geared targeting = engagement

If you have a good ad, which is put in front of people who are likely to engage with your content, then you’ll get results. If you have an award-winning ad but you’re showing it to people who would never engage with your content (be it because of demographics, age, location or some other metric), then you’ll never get the results you want.

Same goes if you have the right audience but you’ve got an ad which, quite frankly, falls a bit short of the mark. People will skip your lacklustre content for something more compelling.

We have broken this formula down into something a little more concise below, so read on to find out about five key advertising mistakes that everyone is guilty of making on Facebook (and then give us a call to manage your social for you so you never waste money like this again).


Mistake #1: Not enough audience research

Facebook has the capacity to narrow down your audience quite unlike any other kind of platform. Because we’re all so happy to share our likes, dislikes and information online, it means that you can hone your messaging to perfectly suit the people most interested in what you have to offer.

Depending on what kind of product you have will determine how targeted you have to make things, but it’s useful to think of questions about your audience like:

  • What would they search for online? (You can use your analytics data to help you along here)
  • What pages do they like on Facebook?
  • What apps do they use?
  • Who of your competition do they buy from?

In addition to these broad questions, why not go and actually like a bunch of the pages that your proposed target audience might like, and then take a look at the suggested pages as well just to gather a more complete picture for what you’re looking to achieve. Oh, and the Facebook Audience Insights Tool doesn’t hurt either!


Mistake #2: Going too broad or too specific

Just like we said above, you can target your audience on Facebook really specifically. However, a common mistake that a lot of businesses will make is actually going too specific and missing a chunk of potential eyes. Try to start off pretty broad (using your local area as a factor, especially if you’re a physical business with a storefront) and then narrow things down using specific filters once you start testing.


Mistake #3: Being impatient

In some cases, you might feel like your advertising efforts are taking too long, or that you’re not getting value for money. In those cases, people are often compelled to get in and ‘tweak’ things to make them ‘perform better’ – but we’re here to tell you: don’t.

At the start of an advertising campaign, you need to be focused on gathering information – as much information as possible. Just say your product costs $13 to make, and you sell the product for $40. That means you have $27 to play with when getting a new customer in order to break even. You also need to be prepared to spend a little more money to make a little more money when you’re testing and measuring, but that’s ok – because with the right strategy behind you and the right testing and measuring in place, you’ll gather what you need to.


Mistake #4: Not testing correctly

You absolutely have to isolate what you’re testing. Testing an audience needs to be done segment by segment, which means you need to think about the time you’re posting, the ad you’re sharing, the audience segment itself… Each moment by moment.

You can create different segments to test, write certain ads to appeal to certain demographics and make different images or content to get the best possible results – but just make sure you’re tracking all the data so that next time you’ll be successful straight away.


Mistake #5: Not getting maximum benefit

When you put an ad on Facebook, you’re hoping to get some sales from the investment you’ve made – but there’s a whole lot more value you can squeeze out of that ad! Here’s how:

  • Gather information from people who have visited your website (email addresses are priceless)
  • Engage with people who comment on your ads
  • Retarget visitors to your site

These are just a few of the ways you can wring all the goodness out of your Facebook ad spend. Because the bottom line is, Facebook advertising tends to be a costly endeavour, depending on how effectively you’re using it that is. You need to make sure you’re optimising your spend and making the most of your investment. But Facebook is also one of the most effective ways that you can engage with a target audience and get new sales.

So, in short – don’t make any of the above mistakes, and for double proof excellence, call us today for a chat about how we can take your social media efforts to the next level. And by next level, we mean effective and really compelling advertising with real results and conversions.

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