Want even more eggs in your basket this Easter? Keeping to its reputation, Google has continued to surprise and amuse users with its little hidden gems. From games and tricks to practical jokes, there are a countless number of Easter eggs concealed in the search engine – some of which we probably haven’t even discovered yet!

Check out 7 of our favourite, little-known Easter eggs the slick designers and developers have hidden in Search, Maps and more!

#1: Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush | KDM

Search for ‘zerg rush’ and an army of Google O’s will start attacking and destroying the search results, and then take over the entire page. The aim is to defeat them by clicking on the O’s until they disappear, but you have to move pretty fast!

The search term is a tip of the hat to the online game StarCraft and one of its popular real time strategies of having a huge number of players attack and overrun another player.

#2: Once in a Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon | KDMGoogle’s search result calculator is full of concealed, not-quite-mathematical treasures as well.

Try this one: search for ‘once in a blue moon‘ and you’ll be given a complex, tongue-in-cheek calculation that implies its definition.

#3: Travel by Dragon

Travel by Dragon | KDM

Navigate your way from the Welsh mountains Snowdon to the Brecon Beacons in Google Maps, and you’ll be given the option to travel by dragon as well as your regular driving, walking and cycling routes.

It takes 37 minutes, if you’re interested, leaving from Snowdonia Dragon Station.

#4: Do a Barrel Roll

Do a Barrel Roll | KDM

Search for ‘do a barrel roll‘ or ‘z or r twice‘ and the results page will do a full spin, in homage to the classic Nintendo video game Star Fox and its famous quote by Peppy Hare: “Do a barrel roll!”

And in case you’re wondering, the command to trigger the barrel roll in the game is pressing – you guessed it – z or r twice.

#5: Askew

Askew | KDM

Super simple but still clever, searching for ‘askew‘ will give you a slightly tilted results page, shifted just a few degrees down and to the right.

The same thing used to happen when you searched for the word ’tilt’, but Google has since removed this association.

#6: Doctor Who’s TARDIS

Doctor Who’s TARDIS | KDM

Does that blue police box look familiar? In Google Maps Street View, on Earls Court Road in London, you’ll find the Doctor’s TARDIS sitting inconspicuously just outside the underground station – perhaps waiting for its owner’s return!

Click on the ‘X’ on the ground to go inside – where it really is ‘bigger on the inside’ – and check out the actual set used in the hugely popular show.

#7: Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout | KDM

Doing a Google Image Search for ‘atari breakout‘ will turn your results into an image version of the much-loved Atari arcade game, Breakout.

The game uses the Google image results as bricks, and if you win the game you level up and get to keep playing with another random search term. Say goodbye to workplace productivity!

What’s your favourite Google Easter egg so far? Let us know in the comments what you’ve discovered!