AdWords was first launched to the public 18 years ago as a way for businesses to put themselves front and centre with customers. When you were searching for a product, you would be presented with a range of options from companies who operated in your local area and who wanted to share their services with you. Over time, Google AdWords has evolved to respond to and create some of the new ways in which we interact with businesses and with our devices.

For example –

  • Mobile is a huge part of our lives now. We switch from screen to screen, multi-screening while watching a movie (totally guilty of that) and using media in a range of ways
  • Marketers have a new way to reach users. Opportunities for reaching out to people across devices has never been more open – or more complex
  • Google AdWords responded to challenges and made it easier. Users could connect with businesses and businesses could connect with users at every step of the consumer journey

Because so much has changed in the last 18 years, Google felt that it was time to upgrade. So, they are introducing simpler brands and solutions for their advertising products. Nothing will change in terms of the service you get from KDM – so nothing to worry about on that front. The only thing that will change from us is that it will now be easier to choose the right solution for your business. But in regards to what Google is changing? Let’s take a look.

Google AdWords is becoming Google Ads

Google Ads is designed to represent a whole gamut of services, from videos on YouTube through to discovering businesses using Google Maps and accessing partner sites.

  • Small businesses will find it easier to get started with online advertising
  • Easier to get results without having to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of Google’s inner workings

As part of this, Google is also including something called ‘Smart Campaigns’. Smart Campaigns are going to be built on the back of the AdWords Express technology. This means you can add in some information to your dashboard, and the campaign itself will actually be entirely automated.

Smart Campaigns



Easy setup + limited ongoing management

Less control

Three times more effective than AdWords Express (apparently but thankfully)

Google is a business – they want to make money. So, there is the potential that Ad Campaigns will cost more in the long run – due to irrelevant clicks (and they will occur)

Entirely automated in terms of your targeting and goals

No accountability or understanding of the successes/failures of the campaign

Will generate reporting

AI needs time to learn and understand – and there will be a gap between changes happening

We asked Katie (our Google Ads account manager) what she thought about Smart Campaigns

“Overall, I think that the introduction of ‘Smart Campaigns’ to Google Ads looks like an incredibly useful tool for small business owners who don’t have the time or the understanding to do it themselves, or, importantly, the money to pay for someone else to do it. Proceed with caution – even the best managed Google Ads campaigns need constant monitoring and analysing! At the end of the day Google is a business & they are there to make money.”

“I want to show you a few things that I see are going to be increasing in prominence over the coming months as well, so let’s take a look at that now.”

“People also search for…”

This is a feature that has always been there, but it’s coming into popularity more for paid ads. This is likely to help with keyword research and is what will help you appearing for more relevant searches. The idea behind this is that suggested queries will be included alongside organic and paid search results which is intended to save a user from scrolling to the bottom of the page, and lets a user go to a more refined search if what they want isn’t there.

This should funnel users to the next most likely search-term rather than re-searching completely. And, this might help increase impressions & clicks on our exact & phrase match keywords that we’ve got from using our keyword planner.

New Google Ads Interface

This is going to be rolling out from June 2018 (so some of you might have already started to see it) with everyone hoping to be fully transitioned to the new interface by the end of the year. Die-hard AdWords users will need to be on-board with this because like it or not, it’s coming – and you’ll be just around the corner from an update (if you haven’t had one already!).

Local Conversion Actions

These are actions which are specific to your local business which are completed during or after an interaction with one of your ads. It might be something like a click to call button, directions to your business, menu views, orders, website visits, or something else entirely. This information is now being included as part of your conversion information and monitoring of a users’ interaction with your site. While these will be automatically generated they won’t be automatically be added to your conversion count – you will be able to curate these and add them to your results from your dashboard if you wish.

All of these changes are allowing businesses who might not have a deep understanding of Google Ads or aren’t correctly utilising the power of Google Ads to build a successful Google Ads campaign

Stronger Collaboration with Google Marketing Platform

This doesn’t concern our customers so much in the sense that you won’t have to face this on the front end – but for us, as your Google Ads provider, we are going to be working closely with the Google Ads advertiser products and the Google Analytics 360 Suite under a single brand – Google Marketing Platform.

This platform allows us to use ads and analytics to understand your customers better and offer a better business service which integrates your goals with the right types of digital media for your business.

Another element of this includes Display & Video 360, bringing together the DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, Studio, and Audience Centre. With this, we can collaborate with you and execute your ad campaigns in the one place.

Want to know more about how these changes are going to affect you? Contact us at KDM for a chat about your Google Ads Account and get the update on how these changes will make all the difference for your future campaigns. Call us on 1300 596 636 or get in touch online and our account manager will call you back.