It’s well known in the digital marketing world that all consumers follow a very specific process when purchasing a product or service, and that process is called the marketing funnel. The marketing funnel is made up of 4 key stages – Awareness, Consideration, Conversion and Retention.

Do you have content on your website to lure in potential buyers at every stage?

Let us show you how it’s done.


How can customers buy from you if they don’t know your company or product exists?

You can’t expect to achieve the sales results you want if you don’t inform your customers that you’re open for business. So how do you get that message out there?

At the awareness stage of the buying process, potential customers don’t know anything about your brand. To attract people at the awareness stage, rather than talking about yourself, it’s important to understand their needs and wants and create content that shows how those needs and wants can be met. This can also help to generate gratitude, respect and authority for your brand.

By providing your audience with valuable content they will find useful, this helps to keep your business at top of mind and helps you develop a more reliable brand image.

Educational Blog Posts

One of the best ways to boost awareness is to produce content that focuses on how a customer’s need can be met with your product and service. Blogs can be especially effective to make people aware of a solution to their problem they may never have considered before, and that solution directly relates to your product or service.


Guides tend to be longer and more thorough compared to standard blog articles. This type of content provides your audience with a wealth of knowledge on a specific topic related to your business and industry. For example, if you sell beauty products, you may write a guide for selecting the best foundation for your skin tone or if you have a camera store, you may provide a guide for choosing the best camera to suit your budget.

Viral Content

Viral content comes in many form and is great for generating awareness because it spreads across the internet swiftly at minimal cost. For your content to go viral it should be entertaining, interesting, topical or controversial. Remember the content should also be relevant to your business or industry.


What makes your product or service offering better than the competition?

At this stage, your audience evaluates your product and service offering against the competitors. They know your brand and product already and they are actively comparing it with others to decide if it’s a worthwhile purchase.

To reach people at the consideration stage, content needs to be written that shows off the key benefits and features that make your product offering stand out from the rest. This should be implemented in key products and services pages, case studies and how-to blogs.

Product & Service Details & Descriptions

Make sure your product and service pages are spruced up with content that gives your audience as many details as possible to make an informed decision about their purchase. If there are any points left unanswered on your product and services page, make sure they’re addressed on an FAQ page.

Case Studies

One of the best ways to prove your value against the competition is with case studies. Case studies clearly outline the work you do and the outcome you received for your customers and clients. By providing real-world proof of your value in the form of a case study, your product or service offering gets the extra validation it needs to convert a prospect into a customer.

How-to Content

Another great way to prove the value of your product is with ‘how to’ blogs where you can demonstrate and showcase your products and services. This helps your audience truly understand how your products and services work so they can realistically see how it will suit their needs.


How do you convert traffic into paying customers?

Once the customer is ready to purchase a product, a few more content elements can really help seal the deal. How the content is written and laid out must also be considered at this stage. Above all else, content that encourages conversions should be straightforward, and the sales process attached to it should be seamless.

Reviews & Testimonials

Before handing over their money, most customers like to read reviews and testimonials from other customers to know if they’ve had a positive experience with your business. It’s always worthwhile to actively encourage happy clients to leave positive reviews to further validate your products, services and level of customer service.

Added Value Content

Anyone who’s never made a purchase with a business before is likely to be hesitant because they’re afraid they won’t get the return they expected. Consider creating offers and special deals to further lure new customers in to try out your products and services. Perhaps new customers can get 20% off their first purchase or they could receive a free gift when they spend over a certain amount.

Landing Pages

If you have a specific goal in mind that you want to achieve such as selling tickets for an event, email subscriptions or membership sign-ups for example, a landing page could be a great choice for you. A landing page is completely separate from a website and is created as a standalone page people ‘land on’. Landing pages are almost always created for the conversion stage of the marketing funnel and include sales heavy content in an easy-to-read format with multiple call to action points.


A variety of content pieces can also be created to specifically target current clients such as informative blogs, how-to’s and special offers. For example, a beauty salon may offer a discount for every 10th purchase, or they could write an article about how tinted lashes can perfectly complement shapely brows to encourage brow clients to try their other services. Email and other help and support content will also impact on whether your new customers will be one off or long term clients.

Email Outreach & Follow-Ups

Email outreach and follow-ups are vital to remind your customers about the benefits they can continue to receive from your business. The content written in your email outreach should be purely retention focused and help in keeping your business at top of mind.

Help & Support

Content at this stage is also about providing current customers with the help and support they need to make a purchase and communicate with your business by creating FAQ pages as well as other forms of customer support and help documentation.

Content Marketing Funnel Example

Want to see an example of content in action when applied to the marketing funnel? Check out our example below:

  • Awareness –  David’s oven needs to be cleaned, so he types ‘How to Clean My Oven’ into Google where he comes across a blog article on a local house cleaner’s website explaining how to clean an oven. This article has now made him aware of this local house cleaning business, and by reading this article he has discovered a whole new solution to his problem he hadn’t considered before.
  • Consideration – After reading how knowledgeable this business is about cleaning ovens, David starts to build trust in the business. At the bottom of this article, he finds a link to another article on their website titled ‘5 reasons to choose a professional house cleaner’. After reading it and learning more about the benefits of house cleaners, he’s now considering this service instead of cleaning the oven himself. He then moves onto the services page of the website to find out more about their cleaning services.
  • Conversion – All looks good so far, he thinks this cleaning business could be the right choice for him, but just to be sure he reads through the customer reviews and testimonials first to make sure he’ll get the same quality service that’s been promised. He also notices the business has a discount available for new customers. David then heads over to the contact us page where the phone number and email address are clearly stated to contact the business directly and make a booking.
  • Retention – David received a lovely email after booking a one-off service thanking him for his booking and outlining the benefits of signing up for a regular house cleaning service. This email also included a link to the house cleaning service page of the website where he can find all the information and support he needs. He then decides to book in the regular service after discovering it will end up costing him less than purchasing individual household cleans in the long term.

Quality Content for Every Stage of the Marketing Funnel

It’s pretty easy to see the impact good quality content can have at every stage of the marketing funnel.

Does the content on your website and across your social media channels stack up?

If not, you might want to get our team of digital marketing experts on board. Whatever industry you’re in, we know how to create content that hits the right spot in the marketing funnel for a seamless customer acquisition and purchase process from awareness right through to retention.