When enlisting the services of a content writer, you probably expect them to write up some landing pages and blogs for you, put the content on your website, and that’s it, the role of content in your business is sorted. But what if we told you, you’re going about it the wrong way.

Content is vital to your website and business.

Without it, people won’t understand what you do, or why they should do business with you. And while pretty pictures and designs on a website sure do look nice, it’s the information on your website people really want to see, to help them make a purchase decision.

So to get value out of content, you need to think of the big picture and implement a content marketing strategy that has your ultimate business goals, brand voice and outcomes in mind for each piece of content created. And the very first place to start in your journey into content marketing is to conduct a content audit.

So, What is a Content Audit?

A content audit is all about stepping back and taking a big-picture look at the content on your website and determining what pages should stay, go, move, be updated, consolidated, rewritten or created.

Basically, you’re taking an inventory of your website content and undertaking a qualitative assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each piece of content on your website.

By doing a content audit first with a clear goal and outcomes in mind, you can work out what content work needs to be prioritised and actually create content with purpose rather than just for the sake of it.


Establishing Goals and Buyer Personas

Some common goals you’ll be looking to achieve for your website may include increasing online purchases, enquiries, rankings or time spent on site.

Once your most important goals are determined, the audit will show if the content is currently achieving those goals and outline what changes need to happen to deliver the desired outcome.

You should also keep in mind that each piece of content has its own purpose. For example, the goal of an ‘About Us’ page is to accurately deliver the information about your company, staff, and values to people visiting your website, while a product page should outline essential product information while enticing people to make a purchase.

It also helps to establish your target audience too. By creating buyer personas and understanding what these people look for out of your company, you can better align the content to fit their needs.


How We Conduct a Content Audit

There are a few methods out there on how to conduct a content audit. Here at KDM, we roughly follow the method adopted by MOZ. But we keep it pretty simple and retain a content marketing focus (our SEO assessments are sent to clients separately) so that clients can easily see and understand what needs to be done and what content tasks we’ll be undertaking moving forward.

We use an excel spreadsheet which includes the following columns – 

  • URL – https://website.com/aboutus
  • Page title – Home Page, About Us page etc
  • Action  – Remove, improve, expand, prune, consolidate, keep as is, a new page or write.
  • Details – Brief description of changes to be made to the page content.
  • Priority – Should this piece of content take priority over other pages?


When reviewing the content, we go through each page, reading each piece of existing content, and determine what action needs to be taken on each page. The process may involve some navigation change recommendations too where necessary.

The finished product is a comprehensive list of all existing content, the action that will be taken along with any additional pages required to deliver the desired objectives for the company. This content audit then becomes the basis of our content work in the upcoming months.


Content Audits With an SEO Focus

Our content writers and SEO team work hand in hand when developing these content audits. We need to make sure any content additions or changes will be beneficial to your rankings.

Relevant keywords are always considered, and we always structure the content pages in a way that each page shows clear intent and has a purpose – this is exactly what Google is looking for when ranking content!


Is a Content Audit Right for Your Business?

Whatever type or size of business you’re in, if you have a website, you should get a content audit done. Both existing and brand spanking new businesses can benefit from a content audit.

For Established Businesses – If you’ve been in business for quite a while and your website has been around for just as long, there’s a good chance you have a pretty large quantity of content, and not all of that content will be relevant or up to date. A content audit will realign your focus. It’s an opportunity to clear out the content that’s clogging up the functionality of your website and blurring your company’s focus.

For New Businesses – If you have a brand new website with barely any content, a content audit can help you find direction and can be used to build out the content on your website strategically. For example, you may only have a home page, services page, about us page and a contact page so far.

Through a content audit, we can determine whether a blog, FAQ or meet the team page would be beneficial additions to your website. We may even include subcategory pages for your services to further define your service offering, making it easier for people to find what they are looking for and to rank better for these terms on search engines.


How Often Should I be Doing a Content Audit?

A comprehensive content audit should be completed every year.

Content Audit Benefits

So, if we weren’t clear enough earlier about why a content audit is absolutely worthwhile for every website, let us summarise what you can get out of this – 

  • A guide for content production workflows
  • A direction for your content
  • Reduce inefficiency and conserve your resources
  • Ensure there is consistency in your content across the website


Get Your Content Audit Done With KDM

Content audits are time-consuming but worth it!

Not every business has the time or resources to complete an audit like this. That’s why we’re here to help! Not only will we complete the content audit for you, but we’ll actually write the content too.

Because we’re involved in both the strategy and execution of your content, you know you’re getting value out of our content service. Contact us to discuss our content marketing services.