It’s not an understatement to say that the Internet forever changed the real estate industry.

Not only did the internet change the dynamic between real estate agents and clients, but it also transformed the way properties and listings are marketed to the public. One report estimates that up to 80% of home buyers search for properties online, making effective digital marketing a must for every agency.

The good news is that you now have more tools than ever to take your marketing to new heights. But there’s a catch – You need to use these tools properly. If you don’t, you’ll likely end up getting mediocre results or, worse, wasting much of your time and money.

Here are some of the best ways to make digital marketing work for your agency.

Tweak Your Website

Your website is your main information hub, so it’s important to make it as presentable and functional as possible. The goal is to improve your website so that you can turn visitors into leads and leads into clients more easily.

  • First impressions last in the real world, and the same holds true in the online landscape. The more professional your website looks, the more trustworthy your agency will seem. Remember that a bad-looking website will turn away potential clients, so make sure your website looks clean and professional. If necessary, consider investing in a professional website redesign to give it a beautiful and polished look.
  • Is your website providing the information your visitors are looking for? Does it have the right information for every type of client in your customer base (i.e. tenants, property investors, sellers, etc.). Without the right information onsite, you won’t be able to convert visitors and turn them into leads or clients.
  • No matter how beautiful and informative your website may look, it won’t matter if it simply doesn’t work properly. Make sure your website is intuitive to use and navigate, with as little bugs and broken links as possible. The easier it is to use your website, the more likely you can usher each visitor through your conversion funnel.

Create Useful Content

In the digital world, content matters. But in a world already full of data and information, how do you stand out?

Simple – Make good, useful content.

And we don’t just mean putting up information about what your company does and who you are (although that’s part of it). We’re talking about the content that your visitors will actually want to consume and help them make decisions.

Good content comes in different forms, and we recommend having it both on your website and on other online platforms. Some of these include-

  • Onsite – helpful blog articles, research papers, infographics, onsite property videos, high-quality photographs, etc.
  • Offsite – guest articles on relevant blogs, relevant press releases, well-produced promo videos, etc.

The benefits of investing in good content are two-fold. First, it helps your audience in their decision-making process, which then helps you convert them into leads or clients. Second, it builds credibility. The more helpful you are, the more credibility you’ll build in the industry.

Leverage Social Media

Few online platforms can match the reach and accessibility that social media offers. When used correctly, social media can be one of your most powerful tools for attracting potential clients and gaining more conversions. Whether it’s interacting with your audience in real time or reaching qualified leads with highly targeted ads, social media offers plenty of online muscle to boost your digital marketing. Here are some tips for taking full advantage of social media –

  • Choose the right platforms and tools. It’s not about how many social media platforms you use; it’s how well you use them. It’s always best to focus on the platforms that your audience and clients use. For real estate agencies, these are typically Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. There are also several social media marketing tools that can help you build better and more effective campaigns.
  • Build a following. Building a following isn’t just about getting the most number likes or followers (although this can help). It’s about building connections with your audience and creating a community for your brand. The best way to do this is by regularly providing useful/valuable information and interacting with your followers.
  • Understand your audience. Do your followers respond well to video content? Or perhaps photos and infographics get more engagement? The better you understand how your audience uses content on social media, the more effective your content and ads can be.
  • Incorporate call-to-actions. Don’t forget to set up your social media profiles (and when appropriate, your content) with the right call-to-actions to maximise conversions. The easier you make it for your audience to learn more or contact you, the higher your chances of converting them into clients.
  • Keep it social. Remember that social media is still a social platform. Use a more conversational tone for most of your content here to remind your audience that they’re interacting with actual humans. With that said, always keep it professional, no matter how conversational a piece of content or discussion may be.

Boost Your SEO

Real estate is a competitive industry, and perhaps even more so in the world of SEO. To improve your rankings, you need a proper SEO campaign that will build momentum for your agency and put you in the best position to get a coveted spot on the first page of search results.

Remember, though, that SEO is more like an art than an exact science. To get the most out of your investment, we recommend working with SEO specialists who have experience in getting positive results for real estate agents.

A proper SEO campaign by specialists doesn’t guarantee top rankings, but it can put you in the best position to get there.

Consider Google Adwords

The great thing about using Google Ads for real estate agencies is that it offers one of the most powerful targeting systems in all of digital marketing.

When used correctly, Google Ads can deliver ads to the right audience more efficiently than any other online tool. Features like Geo-Targeting and the ability to refine keyword searches can help you narrow your audience and identify more qualified leads. Thanks to its powerful targeting system, you can set up different ads for each type of consumer in your conversion funnel. You can even set up retargeting or remarketing ads so that you display ads to previous visitors of your website.

Important Things to Remember

  • Track, track, track. No matter which platforms you use, don’t forget to track your campaigns and review results on a regular basis. Most online tools and platforms today provide data and analytics, especially if you’re displaying ads and special content on them. Take advantage of any analytics tools at your disposal to evaluate your campaign and identify improvements.
  • Think holistically. The most successful digital marketing campaigns in real estate – and practically any industry, for that matter – rely on a multi-pronged approach to attracting and converting audiences. Rarely does a successful digital marketing rely on the heels of a single The key is to use different online tools and platforms to produce an integrated marketing network that builds and maintains your online presence.
  • Work with experts. If you really want to take digital marketing as far as it can go for your real estate agency, then work with professionals who specialise in these areas. This way, you can more effectively create strategies and campaigns that are tailored to your needs and goals.

Want to find out more about how to use digital marketing for your agency? Get in touch with our professional digital marketing team from KDM to find out more.