Everyone has been affected in one way or another by COVID-19, but some of those who have been most affected are those with a small business. Thanks to lockdowns and mandatory shutdowns, some businesses have been on the brink of shutting their doors, while unfortunately, some have been forced to.

The Queensland government has recognised this and last month implemented an initiative titled Unite and Recover for Queensland Jobs plan. Last month, the Palaszczuk Government allowed small businesses to submit an application to receive up to $10,000 to assist with things like digital marketing and upskilling and reskilling business owners and staff to benefit from new technologies or business models. Given most small business owners are quite savvy, the programs saw an overwhelming response and the application process closed in less than 24 hours.

But thankfully the government has seen the need to increase this grant and has declared they will open up a second round of applications starting on July 1, with an additional $100 million allocated. That means small businesses get another opportunity to submit an application to hopefully secure up to $10,000 for their digital marketing efforts.

To be eligible for this grant, the business must:

  • Have been subjected to closure or otherwise highly impacted by the current shutdown that was announced by the Queensland government on March 23rd, 2020.
  • Demonstrate they have experienced a minimum of 30% decline since March 23rd, 2020, over a minimum 1-month period due to the onset and management of COVID-19.
  • Employ staff but have fewer than 20 employees at the time of applying for the grant. Note: the employees MUST be on the payroll and does not include business owners.
  • Have a valid, active ABN as of 23rd March 2020.
  • Be registered for GST.
  • Have a Queensland headquarters or office.
  • Have an annual turnover of over $75,000 for 2018-19 or 2019-20 financial year or have financial records that proves that the company is a recently started small business.
  • Have a payroll of less than $1.3 million
  • Not be insolvent or have owners or directors that are an undischarged bankrupt.

For more information regarding the eligibility criteria, click here.

How to apply

Given how quickly the first round of applications was exhausted, it would be a good idea to have all your ducks in a row ready to go for July 1. To apply, follow the steps below:

  1. Check your eligibility on Queensland Government website to ensure:
    • You are in fact eligible to apply for Round 2
    • Confirm your business location
    • Subscribe to alerted when Round 2 opens
  2. Read the application guidelines, the FAQs on the process and application tips.
  3. Prepare your application well ahead of time and be ready to submit first thing on when Round 2 opens on July 1.
  4.  Go back to the Queensland Government website here to submit your application once Round 2 open.

Once the application has been submitted and approved, there will be a 6-month time limit on completing the project and must use the total amount of funding received.

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