Looking to improve your ranking on Google? While you might be focusing on SEO (and rightly so) as a means to get your business appearing higher up on the search results, there’s another area that we hope you’re paying attention to as well. It’s Google Reviews, and it‘s a vital part of your overarching digital marketing strategy.

We wrote this short article as a way to show you how to get more Google Reviews on your business, including how to get them and what the consequences of more Google Reviews are! If you have someone who has loved your business and your service you want them to stand up and congratulate you so other customers can read about their experience. We want to show you how to get those comments and compliments out there for others to see.

So, read on, and then get more Google Reviews on your business to enjoy greater results for your reputation and your online ranking!

Three easy steps to getting more Google Reviews

When thinking about how to get more reviews on Google, you really only need to follow three simple steps –

  1. Ask for reviews
  2. Tell people exactly how they can review you
  3. Remind people again

Ask for reviews

While it would be nice if customers went to your page and left glowing reviews after every positive interaction with your business the fact is that we’re all busy, and sometimes you just got to ask for what you want.

You can ask customers to leave reviews at all sorts of junctures – it might be with a closing email after completing some work for someone, or it might be at one of the following times –

  • At the end of a phone call
  • In an email
  • In your monthly newsletter
  • As an incentive to a future service (say, we’ll give you 5% off your next bill if you leave us a Google Review)

Whatever way you choose to ask your users and customers for reviews, you need to put yourself out there and request reviews.

It’s a good idea to think about some customers you have had a positive experience with and get in touch with them to leave you a review. Consider reaching out to a recent client or contacting a couple of customers you know had a positive experience.

Tell people how they can review you

It is important to be able to show your users how they can leave a Google Review – because after all, while many people know how to leave a review online, others may not know exactly how to get started.

You can send your users this information which can explain how they can write a review, and you can also send them a link (which you can read more about here) which explains how you can send your users straight to your review page.

Remind people to review your business

Once you have made that initial contact with a customer or user, you want to follow up with them and ensure that they haven’t forgotten about your request. You can do this with a polite email or a quick call, just remember that as busy as you are – they’re just as busy. So, follow up in two weeks or so with a polite nudge and remind them. They won’t mind – they are busy and will appreciate the reminder.

Can I control the reviews people leave me?

Unfortunately, you cannot control any of the reviews that people leave you on your page. And sometimes this can be deeply frustrating because customers can leave you fake reviews or skewed reviews that can impact your rating and your public appearance.

Plus, you may just get a bad review which has happened because a customer had a negative experience with you. And this is fine – it’s something that happens to all of us occasionally. The best approach to take is to respond to the review in a polite and diplomatic way. If someone has had a truly poor experience with your business then you need to address this, and in fact, the review can be a positive part of you doing this.

But — if you have been reviewed and the review is categorically untrue or unfair then you have options.

  1. Flag the review as inappropriate
  2. Get support through Google My Business
  3. Seek legal removal with Google

You can seek removal through Google – but we think that even if the review is fake you can respond to them and offer to figure out a solution that suits both parties. That way anyone seeing the negative review will be able to see your rapid response to the matter.

So, flag the review (but respond anyway) and then if the review is still up after a week, follow up with Google through Google My Business. And if Google still hasn’t come to the party after a while longer, you can seek legal removal of the review.

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