iOS 14 Changes: How it Impacts Small Business Facebook Advertising

As a small business owner, you might have experienced marketing success through advertising on Facebook. As a result, you’ve developed meaningful connections with your customers and enjoyed a steady stream of leads from your ads.

Then the big news came out—Apple’s new update will significantly impact how Facebook ads are delivered.

You try to read up on the matter to see what the buzz is all about, only to be overwhelmed with technical terminology, to the likes of “SKAdNetwork,” “App Tracking Transparency,” and “Private Click Measurement.”

While you may be on top of everything when it comes to your own business, all the chatter about the update may be as clear to you as your morning coffee. Let’s try to clear up the fog of jargon and technical whatnots to see the big picture. What’s the update all about, and why is Facebook showing increased levels of concern?

So, here’s our take on the issue, highlighting the details that matter most to you as a small business owner.


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How Apple’s iOS 14 Release may Affect your Ads on Facebook?

The past couple of weeks have kept advertisers on their toes. This is due to Apple finally pushing through with rolling out their latest iOS update. However, as exciting as new updates come, not everyone was too happy to hear the news. User privacy has always been one of Apple’s core values from the get-go, but iOS 14 absolutely took it to heart.

The latest update has now given users the ability to limit how much personal data their apps can share with companies. And while iPhone users could have always dug deep into phones to disable data collection, the new default is now the opposite.

App Tracking Transparency is now forcing developers to obtain permission from users to collect their data—the same data advertisers use to deliver targeted ads and other marketing content.

facebook opt inWhat Does iOS 14 Mean for Facebook?

Out of all the apps affected by the iOS 14 changes, Facebook is taking the heaviest hit. Facebook advertising has nurtured more than 3 million businesses and is the platform’s largest source of revenue.

Businesses like yours have found success in advertising through Facebook due to the channel’s ability to deliver their ads to the right people and drive more sales. In addition, the platform’s native analytics tool, Facebook Pixel, also gave advertisers valuable and actionable insights to help them with their marketing efforts.

Impact of iOS 14 on Small Businesses

Facebook Ads Manager was so straightforward that someone without an extensive digital marketing background can run their advertising campaigns on Facebook. As a result, small businesses without dedicated marketing teams have enjoyed attracting leads through simple advertising runs.

But now, everything might change.

According to Facebook’s statement, Apple’s changes may considerably limit your marketing attempts. Expressly, the iOS 14 changes will curb your ability to:

  • Deliver advertisements to people based on their interaction with your business
  • Measure conversions from certain demographics
  • Ensure your advertisements are served to the most relevant audiences
  • Optimise your budget, including cost per action

As a response, Facebook launched the Speak Up for Small Business initiative, where you can see and hear directly from the people directly affected by the update.

The initial overall sentiment of the Social Media giant is that the update could potentially harm the growth or kill small businesses. This study from Deloitte found out that 44% of small to medium businesses started or increased their reliance on targeted advertising since the pandemic began. The brands that used targeted advertising were twice as likely to account for higher revenues.

Facebook feels that Apple is taking away one of the critical tools that businesses are using to get through the pandemic.

But rest assured that Facebook, according to one of their statements, is “committed to standing with small businesses and their use of personalised ads to bring people free content.”

I’m Running Facebook Ads; what Can I Do?

As much as we’ve wanted to keep this copy jargon-free, we’ve curated a list of actions that can tide you over until all the dust has settled.

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Verify your Domains with Facebook

More Information on verifying domains

Decide which Eight Events for Conversions to Track

Guide to deciding which events to track

Compare the Data Between 28-Day and 7-Day Attribution

Detailed Instructions on comparing view and click attribution

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