SEO isn’t just another one-off marketing expenditure. The need to be visible on the web makes SEO a necessity for every business.

Since most people these days use a computer, smartphone or tablet to search for what they’re looking for, it’s more important than ever to make sure your business is present and visible online. The best way to achieve that is by investing in SEO for the long term.

Here’s why SEO should be a permanent and necessary part of your digital marketing spend:

Ranking on Google Matters

If you want your business to be seen online, ideally your website should be on page one for relevant keywords. Recent search engine statistics show that:

80% of internet users don’t search beyond the first page on search engines and 40% of people click the top ranking link.

Your business may have the best product or service out there compared to your competition, but none of that matters unless your customers know you exist.

SEO makes sure your customers can find you on search engines. SEO can even expand your reach locally, nationally and internationally, allowing you to find more potential customers by targeting relevant keywords.

SEO vs Traditional Media

There are many ways you could spend your marketing budget to promote your business and get more customers through your doors, however, many traditional media options are finite. That means the value you receive for that expenditure is only received over a set period of time.

When you’re purchasing a newspaper ad or a radio commercial, for example, the campaign will only run for a set period of time, and the value you get from the expenditure is all used up once the campaign ends.

Sure these traditional forms of advertising may boost awareness for your brand and lead to conversions, but you would fall short calling these advertising avenues long-term investments.

SEO is different.

Rather than spending money on a finite resource, with SEO you are investing in your website. Your website is a tangible, permanent and essential element of your business and SEO enhances your website so it can be found by potential customers and encourage those customers to buy.

The benefits gained from your SEO spend will always be present, as long as the website is up and running and all SEO strategies are still in place.

Push vs Pull Marketing

Rather than spending money on traditional media where your marketing message is pushed out to the general public to make them aware of your product’s existence, SEO pulls in highly relevant and convertible customers who have a genuine interest in the product or service you provide. SEO achieves this by helping your business rank higher on Google so that your website is visible when customers type in relevant search terms.

For example, if someone were to type ‘house cleaners Brisbane’ into Google, you could assume that person lives in Brisbane and would like to have their house cleaned. If you’re a cleaning business in Brisbane, you would want your website to be ranked as high as possible for this search term, so customers like this can find you and click on your website.

Ultimately, the purpose of being in business is to satisfy a need. Investing in SEO positions your business on Google as a solution to fulfil that need. When a potential customer enters a relevant keyword into Google, SEO tactics are in place to ensure your website can be seen by them.

As the value of pull marketing is being recognised more and more, push marketing is becoming less effective and is, in fact, even driving customers away in some cases. According to recent statistics, 84% of 25 to 34-year-olds have left a favourite website due to intrusive or irrelevant advertising.

Pull marketing is all about putting the right product or service out there to the right people, and that’s something every business would be crazy not to invest in.

So rather than pushing your product or service onto people, many of whom probably have no interest in what you are offering, invest in tactics such as SEO which instead pull in highly relevant customers who are searching for your products or services on Google.

Website Improvements you Keep Forever

Investing in SEO is not just about ranking higher on Google; it’s also about the elements of your website you get to keep for good to maintain and enhance your website for years to come.

When SEO is implemented onto your site, those changes will be present on your website forever. The tangible elements and improvements that you get to keep include:

  1. Content
    Nothing beats having well-written content on your website and once it’s written, it’s yours. Content is essential for drawing visitors to your website, encouraging them to buy and converting them to customers. When content is written for SEO purposes, it often has a keyword focus to improve rankings and is deliberately formatted and written in a way to prove that your business is the best possible choice to fulfil their need.
    Once content is written by specialists who are skilled in writing website copy, it’s there forever unless you remove or make changes to it.
  2. Title Tags & Meta Descriptions
    You can’t underestimate the difference relevant, keyword focused title tags and meta descriptions make to a website’s rankings and conversions. After all, a title tag and meta description is the first thing a web visitor will see when looking at the search engine results. How well it is written could be the difference between whether they click on your link or not. Title tags and meta descriptions are written in a way to specifically suit SEO purposes and once they are up on your website, they are there for life until your web pages are changed or removed.
  3. Directory Listings
    SEO also involves listing your website on online directories which point directly back to your website. A directory listing includes relevant information about your business for your customers such as a business description, operating hours, location, contact details, and website. Your company will stay on these directory listings for good, providing more opportunities for customers to find you.
  4. Back Links
    Back linking is all about placing a link to your website on another reputable and relevant website. This link will remain on that site forever unless the link, page or website is deliberately taken down.

Investing in SEO for the Long Term

If you want to see real, tangible and long-term results for your website and business, looking at SEO as just another marketing expenditure is not going to cut it. Your website is a business asset you should be investing in, and implementing a SEO strategy has to be one of the best ways to do that. After all, your website is practically useless unless potential customers can see it.

Improving and maintaining your Google ranking is hard work however and countless hours are needed to solidify your position. It takes time to achieve high rankings for relevant keywords and gain quality organic traffic to your website that’s more likely to convert.

So if you want to see your business succeed online, SEO has to be viewed as a long-term investment – improving your business’ presence, visibility and conversions online and boosting your business success as a whole.