In April this year Matt Cutts released a quick response video detailing answers for this question, with some great pointers that can help any website to grow and improve.

Quick tip: Keep producing superior content as it’s one of the best ways to rank higher on the web.

Here’s an outline of the key takeaways from the video.

Sites with Bigger Brands = Bigger Traffic?

The starting point of the video  discusses sites that are more well known and have bigger brand names automatically get more traffic than smaller sites. When you start out with a new site this may be true, but there are some distinct advantages to running smaller sites. On top of the advantages listed below, over time you definitely have the opportunity to become a leader in your field, and out do the brands.

Smaller Sites with Superior Content, Can Out-do Brands with Higher Traffic

While it goes against our usual thinking that smaller sites can be among the bigger brands, here are some valid reasons that running a smaller site with superior content can get higher rankings and more visibility.

Some of the advantages of having a smaller site includes:

  • Faster response to change
  • More agile and able to incorporate current information
  • Quick response to change,
  • Roll out new ideas quickly
  • Better job of focusing on user experience
  • Return something that adds more value

Examples of Adding Value on Websites

While different fields have different knowledge sets, you can take these suggestions and apply them to your business. For example, if you are a research reports organization, create higher quality reports than your competitors, make them more insightful and look deeper into the issues.

  • Make a greater depth of information available in your reports adding extra value to your user.
  • Ensure the information you provide is more robust than others, with greater detail and facts to back it up.
  • Don’t be afraid to present both sides on an issue, give people the full information so you will be seen as an authority.

Whatever area you are in, if you are doing better than other experts in the field, over time you actually can expect to perform better in your rankings, no matter how big or small an organisation you are.

Appropriate, Focused Content

A website being run by one person site taking on a site with 200 people developing it, adding content and adding information, will be harder – so focus!

Get content about one niche, cover it exceptionally well – be the thought leader, then build out with that authority and reputation to other fields once you have a good groundwork and reputation.

Every ‘large’ site started as a small site, and the internet is a level playing field, everyone gets treated the same. Be aware that some things may take time to reflect the change, and sometimes longer than you may expect, that doesn’t mean you should give up, it simply means you should  continue producing great content and information so when you start to rise, you will have plenty of information to rise with.