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Quality content is one of the cornerstones of effective digital marketing.

We can help you create and deliver content that develops your brand, online presence and market influence. The right content marketing strategy can boost your online marketing and get more people’s attention in ways that will grow your business.

The KDM content team can develop a content strategy to suit your business and marketing objectives, whether you’re launching a new product, promoting a new campaign, conducting B2B content marketing, or even rebranding your company.



Provide Value to Your Customers

Give your customers and users content that’s worth their time and attention. By regularly giving them valuable content, you can impress them and become their top choice for your product or service. Whether you’re providing helpful information or entertaining them with an enjoyable piece, it’s all about giving them value.

Build Influence and Authority

Showcase your expertise in your industry by creating and sharing content that shows what makes your business special. The right content can build your authority and credibility in your industry, establishing your place in the market and earning the trust of your customers.

Boost Your SEO

Improve your SEO with a content strategy that proves your worth to search engines. Regularly publishing content that’s helpful, relevant, and appropriate to your industry can make Google take notice of your site and boost your rankings for your key search terms.

Go beyond higher rankings

Increase your sales and grow your business with greater brand awareness, more visitors to your site and increased online conversions

Landing Pages

Your website’s core landing pages are the foundation that your whole campaign rests upon, which is why they’re our first content priority. Since this is the primary content people will see and read when assessing your business, a set of high-quality landing pages is one of the best investments in your business you can make. We can amend and improve existing landing page content and/or create entirely new landing pages from scratch. When your landing pages are made correctly, they won’t need major revisions later down the track when new algorithms and updates are released. We do however revisit and refresh content down the track if necessary, pending performance reviews (e.g. ranking improvement, conversion optimisation) at no extra cost.


There are literally millions of blogs being produced every day, and with so many people blogging simply for the sake of blogging, it’s getting harder and harder to cut through the noise. However, a blog content strategy is essential. Why? Because blogs allow you to continue to improve your website’s authority and reputation and they are a unique opportunity to offer very specific value to your target market. We create targeted blogs that answer your audience’s intent: you’ve got to know what to write and to whom. Are interesting, engaging and valuable: your audience will want to read and maybe even share the blogs with others. Plus, fit within your company’s overall business objectives.

Email Marketing

When writing and sending out emails on behalf of your business, a lot of thought and care should go into the message you want to put out there. Who it is you’re reaching and the kind of action you want the person to take after reading the email. You don’t want your email to be too wordy either. The balance between content and design needs to be just right to create an interesting and engaging email. Plus, you’ll need an enticing subject line that encourages people to actually open the email and read it. Our content writers are skilled at getting all these elements right so that your email marketing campaign results in real returns for your business.

Choose KDM for Content Marketing Services

We are a marketing agency that is focused on helping your business grow profitably with digital marketing that works. KDM will find the right solution to drive your business forward, helping you get the results you need to make a difference to your bottom line. Contact us today.

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What Clients Say About Us

Our aim is to be flexible and listen to our clients needs in order to find a targeted solution.

Kirsty Abrahams
Kirsty Abrahams
We at Australian Fire Protection have been working with the KDM (Kymodo) team for a few years now. Each team member we engage with has been extremely helpful and willing to go above and beyond. Whether it is Google Ads or SEO I couldn't recommend the KDM team highly enough.
Kristal Wozniak
Kristal Wozniak
Working with Crysta has been amazing. Thank you for all that you do! Exciting times ahead 🙂
Waterworx Pressure Cleaning
Waterworx Pressure Cleaning
Crysta has been working with us to improve our company’s website and we’re most impressed. Crysta calls regularly to keep us updated and we’ve found her to be extremely professional, dedicated and easy to communicate with. She has a firm grasp of the task at hand and has increased traffic to our website exponentially. We have no hesitation in recommending Crysta and the team at Kymodo as it’s been an absolute pleasure working with them.
Hayley Salter
Hayley Salter
Great company for all website needs. Fast and great service with them helping with their advice along the way.
Lucy Lu
Lucy Lu
Supportive and flexible during a very tricky period with covid-19 and effective in the work that was contracted. Toby has been a pleasure to work with
Blair Hammond
Blair Hammond
Shout out to the Kymodo team for looking after Buddii Finance's SEO Mgmt!!! Crysta and the Team are attentive for our needs and will do whatever it takes to get the outcome!!! Keep up the great work guys! Cheers Blair Hammond and the Buddii Finance Team
Joel Groth
Joel Groth
I have worked with Kymodo for the past 3yrs. Fantastic service and results.
kingcreek02 Tracey w
kingcreek02 Tracey w
Working in a partnership is the key to having a successful strategy for our online presence. The teams from Kymodo listen to our business needs and provide technical direction to help us understand different strategies that are easy to understand.
Katrina Taylor
Katrina Taylor
Toby from Kymodo has delivered on their promise of ranking us number one for keywords that I thought could never be a possibility. He has been proactive in communicating with me on a weekly basis sometimes more often. I would highly recommend them to bring your SEO to fruition.

And then there’s everything else…

Aside from the aforementioned SEO techniques, there is a multitude of other ways our content writers optimise business’ web pages. These include the:

  • Use of proper spelling and grammar to keep the robots happy and your image professional.
  • Optimisation of formatting to include bullet points, lists, italic and subheadings to capture reader’s attention.
  • Organisation of content to deliver the most relevant information to the users first.
  • Use of calls to actions to give visitors a clear path towards fulfilling your business objectives.

Not only must all of these factors be considered by a content writer, but they all must also be applied correctly. The success of our content writer’s work – particularly landing pages – comes back to the corresponding Google rankings.

Google uses metrics like bounce rate, click-through rate and time spent on a page to determine how valuable your content is and how highly your business’ site will rank. And we use rankings to bring your website the traffic that will make you money.

Expert Recommendations

Not sure if your current content strategy is enough to get the results you want? We can conduct a full content audit of your site and online marketing campaign to help you know where you stand. We’ll also provide recommendations and content ideas that can take your content marketing to the next level.

A Strategy that Achieves Your Goals

Content marketing isn’t just about creating content for content’s sake – you also need to have the right strategy and create content with purpose. We can help you develop a content strategy that will boost your online visibility and help you achieve your marketing goals. We’re experts at creating a content strategy based on your available resources, timeline, and budget.

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