Find the right audience with LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising is a great online marketing channel, if you are a B2B company. While it is technically a social media platform, LinkedIn is definitely not like Facebook and therefore LinkedIn Advertising is not for every company. Most B2B companies advertise on LinkedIn to promote brand awareness and drive lead generation. It is the largest business-targeted social platform on the internet, with some of the biggest companies in the world interacting with it on a daily basis.


What is Linked In?

LinkedIn is a social networking platform, much like Facebook or Instagram. However, LinkedIn is for professionals, designed to help businesses and professionals make connections and share resumes and job postings. For B2B companies, it is also a great platform to reach out to potential clients/customers and has been shown to be a great online marketing channel.

Use Highly Targeted Ads

The LinkedIn community is full of people who are either looking for information to further progress their career, connect with professionals in a similar field or seeking a product/services to improve their business. That’s why when you set up a targeted ads on LinkedIn, the chance of getting that content in front of the right eyes is much higher than that of other social media platforms.

LinkedIn Advertising

If you have used bidding platform such as Google or Facebook Ads in the past, then you will be aware that the advertising costs for such a platform is based solely on your budget and can be a little or large as you like. However, LinkedIn does have some set rules in place when it comes to bidding on advertisement placements.

Get Results that Matter

We have specialists on our team who focus exclusively on performance marketing, so you’ll always have an expert running your campaign.

Sponsored Content

This works exactly like Facebooks sponsored posts. It has the same look and feel of organic content, but it can be ‘boosted’ by adding a bit of budget behind it and getting it in front of more targeted eyes, meaning the target audience you have pre-determined when you created the ad.

LinkedIn Text Ads

This is as close as you can get on LinkedIn to Google Ads and Bing Ads. The LinkedIn text ads format works off a pay-per-click model and tend to feature on the sidebar of the platform. Unlike Google and Bing Ads, they cannot feature at the top of the page and therefore be the first thing a user sees.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMail is one of those strategies that can work if you don’t mind annoying a few people in the process. All LinkedIn profiles have a message service attached, and this strategy basically sends an automated message to their inbox with a generic outline of the service provided or product on offer.

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