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KDM is a search engine optimisation agency servicing business owners across Australia. Our 12 years of experience is built on helping brands like yours boost organic traffic and connect with potential customers through major search engines.

Like other SEO Brisbane companies, we are numbers-driven. From technical SEO to on-page SEO and off-page SEO, let our team of highly skilled and dedicated team provide your business with measurable SEO results.

What separates us from other SEO agencies in Australia is our passion for the craft. When it comes to SEO services, we never cut corners, and we’re never fully satisfied until you are. Get in touch with us today to get started with your SEO campaign.


Onsite and Offsite Optimisations

By improving user experience, increasing its online reputation and incorporating keyword-oriented copywriting, among other SEO strategies, we can develop a well-structured, highly functional website to attract and retain a solid customer base to help your business grow.

SEO for Google and Users

We understand the importance of user experience as well as website reputation. From site speed and mobile optimisation all the way to keyword research, content creation and link building, we make it our mission to provide the best experience for both search engines and your customers.

Built for Long-Term Success

We craft and implement SEO for business that is sustainable for the long term. We’ll get you to the top and ensure that you stay there. Our process involves setting up your site’s adaptability to changes in digital marketing trends and search engine algorithms.

Businesses Who Trust Us


SEO Service Brisbane

Increase your sales and grow your business with greater brand awareness with search engine optimisation Brisbane - More visitors to your site and increased online conversions with a top SEO company and the best SEO services.

Local SEO Services

This is one of the most effective ways to grow your business in your target area. We’ll optimise your online presence for local searches, bring you closer to where your customers are, and get you more inquiries, bookings, and sales.

Service-Based SEO

We will craft an SEO strategy aligned with your business goals. Whether you want to develop your brand awareness, get more phone calls, or boost your online sales, we have the technical and creative know-how to hit your targets.

eCommerce SEO Services

The global retail e-commerce market sales are predicted to reach $6.54 trillion by 2023—future-proof your business by establishing a solid online presence today, including Shopify SEO packages. We’ll make sure the right people will find it at the right time.

Choose KDM as your Brisbane SEO Agency

We are an SEO company focused on helping businesses like yours grow profitably through search engine marketing that works. KDM will find the best SEO marketing solution to drive your brand forward and help you get the results you want. Contact our SEO consultant today for your SEO audit.

What Clients Say About Us

We have helped numerous businesses across Australia rank higher in search engine results and perform better online, and we want to deliver the same results for you.

Kirsty Abrahams
Kirsty Abrahams
We at Australian Fire Protection have been working with the KDM (Kymodo) team for a few years now. Each team member we engage with has been extremely helpful and willing to go above and beyond. Whether it is Google Ads or SEO I couldn't recommend the KDM team highly enough.
Kristal Wozniak
Kristal Wozniak
Working with Crysta has been amazing. Thank you for all that you do! Exciting times ahead 🙂
Waterworx Pressure Cleaning
Waterworx Pressure Cleaning
Crysta has been working with us to improve our company’s website and we’re most impressed. Crysta calls regularly to keep us updated and we’ve found her to be extremely professional, dedicated and easy to communicate with. She has a firm grasp of the task at hand and has increased traffic to our website exponentially. We have no hesitation in recommending Crysta and the team at Kymodo as it’s been an absolute pleasure working with them.
Hayley Salter
Hayley Salter
Great company for all website needs. Fast and great service with them helping with their advice along the way.
Lucy Lu
Lucy Lu
Supportive and flexible during a very tricky period with covid-19 and effective in the work that was contracted. Toby has been a pleasure to work with
Blair Hammond
Blair Hammond
Shout out to the Kymodo team for looking after Buddii Finance's SEO Mgmt!!! Crysta and the Team are attentive for our needs and will do whatever it takes to get the outcome!!! Keep up the great work guys! Cheers Blair Hammond and the Buddii Finance Team
Joel Groth
Joel Groth
I have worked with Kymodo for the past 3yrs. Fantastic service and results.
kingcreek02 Tracey w
kingcreek02 Tracey w
Working in a partnership is the key to having a successful strategy for our online presence. The teams from Kymodo listen to our business needs and provide technical direction to help us understand different strategies that are easy to understand.
Katrina Taylor
Katrina Taylor
Toby from Kymodo has delivered on their promise of ranking us number one for keywords that I thought could never be a possibility. He has been proactive in communicating with me on a weekly basis sometimes more often. I would highly recommend them to bring your SEO to fruition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. In the simplest of terms, SEO refers to the practices centred on improving your website’s visibility for search engines.

Good-quality SEO practices emphasise increasing not just the quantity of traffic your website gets but the quality of traffic, as well. The quality of traffic means that you are attracting visitors who are genuinely interested in what your website has to offer instead of receiving high traffic from audiences that are unlikely to convert.

How Does SEO Work?

Google, the most prominent search engine, uses more than 200 factors to determine a website’s ranking. Most of these work towards a page’s relevancy and authority towards a specific topic and how good a user experience it can give the searcher.

Simply put, SEO works by positioning your website as a relevant and reliable resource for a given search topic and ensuring that it’s user friendly.

Does My Business Need SEO?

Every business with a website will need SEO. And at this age, every business needs a website. So, yes, your business will need SEO.

According to this studyorganic searches—search results that are unpaid for—accounts for more than 50% of visitors to websites. The remaining half comes from paid searches, social media, email, and other inbound channels.

Without a properly structured website, you can have the best products or services in your industry, with nobody knowing about them. This reason is why it’s always a good idea to invest in your website’s SEO.

When do I See Results?

The dynamic nature of SEO makes it difficult to pinpoint a definite answer to this question. Still, most agencies will tell you that it usually takes 3 to 6 months to start seeing significant results.

SEO should always be an ongoing process to reap its benefits continuously. Even if your website reaches rank one on a particular topic or keyword, leaving it as-is will eventually allow the competition to take its spot.

Is SEO Better than Paid Advertising?

SEO is not better than paid advertising, and paid advertising is not better than SEO. In an ideal setting, your business should take advantage of multiple digital marketing channels.

But in the case of start-ups and smaller enterprises where budget is still a challenge, organic, unpaid searches can be used to build a solid foundation for their digital presence. Building brand awareness and credibility doesn’t happen overnight, and a long-term SEO strategy can work well for this stage of a company’s journey.

Businesses can supplement SEO with paid and targeted advertising for special campaigns, such as launching new product lines, structural overhauls, seasonal promos, and other short-term promotions.

Why Do I need an Advertising Agency?

Hiring the services of an advertising agency can save your business valuable time and money. As opposed to supporting an in-house advertising team, you won’t need to retrain your existing staff, hire additional people, and purchase additional resources. This is especially beneficial for smaller businesses that still don’t have a large enough workforce.

Even larger businesses turn to advertising agencies for their specialised skills and industry expertise. Well-rounded marketing teams will have dedicated professionals for each digital marketing aspect. Advertising agencies have committed Google Ads specialists, content writers, visual artists, SEO specialists, web developers, researchers, and social media marketers who all work in conjunction to drive your advertising campaigns forward.

As for your advertising budget, most digital marketing agencies will be able to work with what you can afford. Regardless of your marketing capital, business size, or industry, seasoned agencies will craft innovative campaigns and give you the best return on investment possible.

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