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Social media is a part of everyone's daily routine. People scroll every day to relax, connect and get inspired. Let us help your brand establish its foothold in the highly dynamic environment of social media marketing and advertising through expertly executed paid and organic campaigns.

With social media, businesses can reach a global audience with minimal effort, but finding the audience that matters to your business will require a full understanding of how to operate social media channels successfully.


Businesses Who Trust Us

Connect with the Right People

Social media has provided businesses with a marketing channel that can reach more people than ever before. With millions of active users at any given moment, social media is one of the most powerful tools businesses can use to get their marketing message across. We’ll use this advantage to help your business connect with the right people and help the right people connect with your business.

Grow Your Brand Awareness

The more people you can reach, the more people can become aware of your brand. Traditional brand-building use to take longer, but with perfectly crafted social media campaigns, finding the people that matter becomes more time-efficient and cost-effective. We’ll help you harness the potential of social media to deliver your message across to reach your target market.

Build a Loyal Following

With people spending more time on social media, there’s no better opportunity to build an online community of supporters. We’ll help you create meaningful and engaging content that will convert casual customers into loyal fans. Let our team of social media experts grow your online community along with your business and carve your space in your own social media niche.


Get More than Just Likes and Followers

Let our social media campaigns take you beyond likes and follows. We will establish trust between your business and your audience through creative, meaningful and engaging content. We will build your social media presence to generate leads and sales that go beyond superficial engagements.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the go-to social platform for most businesses, and for a good reason: it’s the biggest and most prominent social network out there. Not surprisingly, Facebook offers a potent advertising platform that lets you target people and reach your customers more easily than ever. Businesses and influencers can reach out to just about any general consumer by targeting the right groups and pages.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a popular social platform for many companies, especially e-commerce and product-based businesses. Marketing on Instagram requires a skill for producing eye-catching visuals, engaging copy, and strategic targeting. Our social media marketing experts can help you thrive within Instagram’s space by creating content that will grab your customers’ attention and get them to click on your products.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn marketing will works best for B2B operations or providing professional services. This social media network provides focused messages rather than the comparatively wider reach of other platforms. Our social media experts can build you a professional network centred around your industry. Growing your professional network and establishing the right connections can work wonders for the future of your business.

Choose KDM as your Social Media agency

We are a social media marketing agency focused on helping your business grow profitably with digital marketing that works. KDM will find the best solution to drive your business forward and help you get the results you want. Get in touch with us today.

What Clients Say About Us

Our aim is to be flexible and listen to our clients needs in order to find a targeted solution.

Kirsty Abrahams
Kirsty Abrahams
We at Australian Fire Protection have been working with the KDM (Kymodo) team for a few years now. Each team member we engage with has been extremely helpful and willing to go above and beyond. Whether it is Google Ads or SEO I couldn't recommend the KDM team highly enough.
Kristal Wozniak
Kristal Wozniak
Working with Crysta has been amazing. Thank you for all that you do! Exciting times ahead 🙂
Waterworx Pressure Cleaning
Waterworx Pressure Cleaning
Crysta has been working with us to improve our company’s website and we’re most impressed. Crysta calls regularly to keep us updated and we’ve found her to be extremely professional, dedicated and easy to communicate with. She has a firm grasp of the task at hand and has increased traffic to our website exponentially. We have no hesitation in recommending Crysta and the team at Kymodo as it’s been an absolute pleasure working with them.
Hayley Salter
Hayley Salter
Great company for all website needs. Fast and great service with them helping with their advice along the way.
Lucy Lu
Lucy Lu
Supportive and flexible during a very tricky period with covid-19 and effective in the work that was contracted. Toby has been a pleasure to work with
Blair Hammond
Blair Hammond
Shout out to the Kymodo team for looking after Buddii Finance's SEO Mgmt!!! Crysta and the Team are attentive for our needs and will do whatever it takes to get the outcome!!! Keep up the great work guys! Cheers Blair Hammond and the Buddii Finance Team
Joel Groth
Joel Groth
I have worked with Kymodo for the past 3yrs. Fantastic service and results.
kingcreek02 Tracey w
kingcreek02 Tracey w
Working in a partnership is the key to having a successful strategy for our online presence. The teams from Kymodo listen to our business needs and provide technical direction to help us understand different strategies that are easy to understand.
Katrina Taylor
Katrina Taylor
Toby from Kymodo has delivered on their promise of ranking us number one for keywords that I thought could never be a possibility. He has been proactive in communicating with me on a weekly basis sometimes more often. I would highly recommend them to bring your SEO to fruition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Despite the massive amount of information on how businesses can use social media to generate leads and sales, many companies still struggle to understand the basic concept of social media marketing.  

Social media marketing is the use of various social media platforms to connect with your target audience to build your brand, pull in prospects, and generate sales. The process includes creating meaningful and engaging content, analysing your results, and managing social media ad campaigns. At the moment, the most commonly used social media platforms for businesses are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SnapchatInstagram, and Youtube. 

Most of these social media platforms have their own advertising tools to help businesses market their products and services to their target demographic. For example, Facebook ads are clickable ads that target your audience based on their location, interests, behaviours, etc. Instagram ads are also pay-per-click (PPC) posts that allow you to drive leads for your business by creating meaningful and engaging content. They can be in the form of photos, videos, slideshows, and stories. When used correctly, social media can deliver amazing results with a low cost per acquisition.  

If you’re planning to drive more leads and sales for your business using social media marketing, consider leveraging these social media platforms: 

Facebook - Facebook is, without a doubt, the best social media platform to get in front of your target audience. With roughly 2.8 billion monthly active users worldwide, it’s the best place to build your online presence and generate leads for your business. Facebook allows businesses to create a community using their customer base. This can be achieved using the right level of engagement and by creating high-quality content. Facebook is also one of the earliest platforms to offer advertising options to businesses through Facebook ads.  

Twitter - Twitter is a social media platform for real-time information and short announcements. It has millions of active users every month, including businesses that want to reach a wider pool of audience. One of the most notable features of Twitter is its 280 character limit for every post. While this may sound like a negative thing, it allows businesses to create concise, informative, and easily digested content. The fast-paced nature of Twitter also makes it the ideal platform for timely business campaign announcements such as product launches and webinars.  

Instagram - The photo-sharing platform allows you to create a wide range of content, including photos, videos, stories, and live videos. It’s also one of the most popular social media apps for millennials and Gen Z, making it the ideal platform for businesses that have a young demographic. One of the easiest ways to build your presence and identity using Instagram is by sharing creative content. This includes creative shots of your products and services and informative videos that create meaningful engagements. Instagram also has a ‘Checkout’ feature that allows customers to buy directly from your page.  

LinkedIn - When it comes to cementing your authority, nothing beats LinkedIn. It’s a social media platform where professionals and business owners flock to engage, collaborate, and share insights. Since LinkedIn is mostly used to connect with others on a professional level, it focuses more on B2B than B2C. This means that companies looking for businesses as clients can find more success than those seeking regular consumers. LinkedIn is also a great place to establish your leadership and attract new talents to your company.  

If you’re looking for a social media marketing agency that knows how to generate high-quality leads and sales for your business, look no further than KDM Solutions.  

We begin our process by understanding your core objectives, so we can determine which social media platform best suits your business. Our team also analyses your audience’s behaviour, performance metrics, and industry landscape to optimise your social media strategies for conversions. Whether it’s Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, or a combination of both, KDM has what it takes to help you get the best return on your investment.  

Our main objective as a team goes beyond just likes and shares. We focus on creating meaningful and engaging content so we can build a community between you and your audience. Our team will also help you establish your brand and identity to pull in more prospects and generate sales. At KDM Solutions, there’s nothing more important to us than helping you cement your space in your own social media niche. 

The best thing about us is that we have the right tools and knowledge to analyse the effectiveness of your social media ads. With the help of ads manager analytics, we can improve what needs to be improved to ensure your money doesn’t go down the drain. We can also test different social media strategies to see what works best for your business. By doing so, we can craft the best ad campaign that generates a truckload of leads and sales for your business.  

If you’re ready to establish a long-term social media campaign that works, talk to our team.  

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