Our internet has been a bit slow at work today. Don’t you hate it when the internet is slow? It’s especially frustrating when there’s plenty of work to do. Thankfully, the internet gods smiled on us, and the speeds increased after only about an hour of lag. And while slow internet drives us crazy, it got us thinking about all the other stuff on the internet that we hate. Because while the internet has been the greatest thing invented – ever – along with the good comes the bad. That is to say, along with endless cat videos there’s also a range of rubbish that you have to wade through from time to time.

So, we wanted to take the time to go through some of our least loved features of the internet. If any of these things strike a chord with you, just know that you’re not alone.

Ads before a video

You’re out to lunch and you want to show a friend a quick video of something funny. So, you line up your phone and put it on, only to have to sit through a 30 second video about something you’re never going to buy or be interested in. Ugh. It’s not enough that we’re subject to forced advertising for much of our lives; we have to experience it on videos as well? But there are ways around this – especially if you use an adblocker that is able to stop those pesky ads from appearing.

Well, unless of course, it’s a great ad – in which case we’re happy to watch! The one below keeps us entertained for a fair while…

When websites have right click disabled

Guess what? We’ve heard of screenshot! When websites try to disable their content being copied by removing right click from their website, it’s just super frustrating, don’t you think? Thank goodness we know about ways around this. And there’s probably the chance you can find the information you need somewhere else online – especially if you want to copy a section of the site to send to a friend via email or something like that.

Multiple tabs, automatic music playing.

Argh, there’s really nothing worse – especially if you have headphones on and they’re up loud or if you’re on your computer in a public place and you don’t have the volume down! Très embarrassant! While it would be great if we could all organise our web use so that we didn’t have heaps of tabs open at once, the fact is that research sometimes ends up looking like a bit of a mess. Don’t complicate things by throwing some music in there – please.

Terms and conditions. Apple, we’re looking at you.

Well it ain’t us… At least, most of the time. It would be awesome if there was a service that condensed the terms and conditions so that they were easy to read. And lo and behold – There is! For example, using this terms and conditions condenser, Apple’s T&Cs can be condensed into one main statement, and that is that terms may be changed at any time without any notice to you, the user. So as far as reading them goes we guess its kind of moot given that Apple can flip the table at any time.

Websites that don’t show you the price of something until it’s in your shopping cart

(This right here? This is our shopping cart on a site with no prices on it^^)

When we shop online half of the time, we actually mean to buy the items we’re browsing for, and the other half of the time we’re living the fantasy life we have where we have lots of money and can afford things from Net A Porter. Sigh. But at least on Net A Porter you know those Balenciaga booties are $1,740 and you can dream about missing a mortgage payment and buying them instead.

But the thing that grinds our gears? When websites don’t put their prices online, which means you can’t even daydream about affording things. You have to guess their value. Which is just… we mean… what even is that. Bottom line – You sell things? Put your prices on your website.

Having to create an account for something minor

Oh, you want to do *insert mundane and tiny but essential task here*? Well that’s just fine – all you’ll need to do is create a whole account using your FULL NAME and address and a whole bunch of other details and go through email verification and two-factor identification and send us a sample of your hair. Thanks! Just either let us create an easy account using email or allow us to access your service as a guest. To us, it smacks of an attempt to skim my data and it makes us suspicious.

Forced email signups to access content

We’re happily reading your blog and then all of a sudden BAM please give us your email to keep reading. Um, how about no? Gone are the days of forcing readers to hand over their data for the privilege of accessing information. Nowadays it’s all about creating genuine (free) value and building goodwill over time. Because we know that as soon as you have our email address, we’re on your mailing list. And while it might be a very nice list, thanks very much, it isn’t something we asked for.

So instead of forcing people to hand over data (no thanks) focus on creating truly compelling and valuable content that people just want to engage with because it’s that good. And of course, you can have email popups – but make them optional. Don’t force your readers to hand over their email to get their eyes on your content.

Have we missed anything? Please tell us in the comments or call us up and tell us directly. Chat to us now about your biggest internet hatred on 1300 596 636. Or better yet – let us help you make your website one that people will love to visit! Either way – we’re ready for your call.