Google Optimize is a tool from Google that lets you test and measure site changes easily. It’s one of the best tools available for improving your site’s performance and user experience.

At KDM, we are all about making sure that your website is performing as brilliantly as possible, which is why we’re taking the time to explain how you can use Google Optimize to your advantage.

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What is Google Optimize?

Put simply, Google Optimize is a testing and measuring platform from Google. This tool allows you to quickly test and measure changes in your content.

  • You can move images, text, and content around; change content and substitute different call to action information and layouts.
  • Using these changes, you can then evaluate its effects on your site’s user engagement.
  • Then, with the more successful version of whatever you were testing, you can make the changes permanent, thus improving your user experience.

Google Optimize is just so easy to use, and it makes testing your site effortless with its trackable analytics.

Key features

Aside from being really easy to use, Google Optimize also offers several key features that we love – 

  • Integration with your Google Analytics and your Tag Manager
  • Ease of integration with original and built variant pages
  • Option to use Google Optimize on-page visual editor
  • Split testing with A/B options
  • Track your improvements by looking at probability and confidence calculations

And that’s just to name a few! With Google Optimize, you can answer questions like – 

  • Is your new web design better than your old one?
  • Which Call to Action is the most effective?
  • Should I use an image or a video for my hero image?
  • Does this content work here, or should I put the content for each service on its own page?

While you can hope that your webpage has been designed to suit your users, the fact is that people will figure out their own ways to use your site. With Google Optimize, you can test and measure changes quickly and easily.

Benefits of using Google Optimize

  • Your data guides your decision-making

Google Optimize gives you the power to integrate your changes with Google Analytics. This lets you identify parts of your site that need improvement and allows you to test updates accordingly. When you identify problem areas and gather data from your tests, you can make the right improvements for your site.

  • You can enhance your user experience

You can make changes to simple things like text and images, or you can use HTML editing to experiment with advanced changes. Again, using Analytics, you can identify what works best.

  • You can set it up quickly

Set up Google Optimize in minutes by adding a single line of code to your existing Analytics framework. Once you’ve added the code, you can publish new updates using Google Optimize – it’s that simple and easy!

The takeaway from all this is that when your site performs better, you have a lower bounce rate (the rate at which people visit and then ‘bounce’ away from your site without going further). A lower bounce rate contributes to a higher SEO score because the length of time a user spends on your site is a big ranking factor for Google.

Paid version vs free version

The free version of Google Optimize has recently been updated. This change moved their original testing limit from three tests to five. What this means is that you can test five different segments across your webpage and look at how you can improve your user experience. With the paid version, you have access to a whole range of additional features that conveniently work alongside Analytics 360.

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