The internet has given us glory. We have marvelled at the hypnotic wonder of the Nyan Cat. We have laughed ourselves silly at videos on YouTube for days.

But we have also endured horror. The election of a certain President to a certain country could definitely be at least partly attributed to the Facebook/Cambridge Data scandal, made possible only by the Internet’s pervasive reach.

So, while this is the Internet today, we have been wondering about what kind of interwebs we’re going to be looking at and interacting with in 100 years’ time. With our society relying on the invisible threads to connect us all, it’s important to consider exactly what kind of changes will take place – and what this means for all of us.

The Internet Won’t Exist

Well, as we know it today, anyway… Computers will be a thing of the past, having to type anything will be totally non-existent, and we will all have wearable devices which are implanted into our bodies to receive feedback. The devices we use will tap into synaptic impulses in the mind and will automatically generate lightning-fast responses to stimulus. Oh don’t worry – we’ll all be connected to each other, of course, but we just won’t have an ‘Internet’ as we know it today. The power sources for engaging will shift rapidly as well, as solar and renewable energies take over from coal and other archaic forms of power.

AI Will be Totally Normal

With current advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) paving the way for future engagement we can expect to see an AI that takes over menial and mundane tasks. Driver, machine workers, factory workers and anything repetitive will all be done by AI, and we’ll have a lot more leisure time on our hands. You can expect to have an automated home were everything is controllable by voice or thought, and where you can enjoy all the modern conveniences of 2118 – whatever they are…

It’s All in Your Mind

Cortical implants, mind reading; whatever you want to call it, your interaction with the Internet will all be in your head. You’ll have AI or Internet capacity in your mind. As our Team Leader here at KDM puts it, “Ok, so imagine you’re trying to think of the ten coolest cats of the past year. You’ll just have to think about what the ten coolest cats are, and you’ll visualise them like a thought!” We hope this is exactly what the Internet looks like to be honest.

Live Action Visualisation Friends and Family

You’ll be able to stay up-to-date with whatever anyone on your circle is up to, and you’ll be able to turn it on and off in your mind with a simple thought-based command. Your friends will be able to watch what you’re doing, and you can turn your experiences on and off with ocular feed commands. We’ll all have implanted eye cameras and microscopic auditory transmitters and receivers as well, so that you can share a full experience or experience someone else’s reality like you were right there.

We Won’t Need to Leave the House

You will be able to visualise any reality from the comfort of your very own home and enjoy any kind of sensory experience with just a simple command. Always wanted to walk along the beach in Rio? Want to climb the pyramids in Egypt? You can VR your way to this experience or anything else you’d like to explore through wearables and sensory inputs.

The Final Word

While these might seem like pretty wild predictions, you can bet that flagrant self-promotion will still exist in 100 years’ time, just as it has and always will.

While we have no idea what kind of self-promotion will exist in 100 years’ time, today’s businesses are using SEO and AdWords. So, if you want your business to be around in 100 years, make sure you call us for a chat about your future-proofed SEO. Call our account managers  today on 1300 596 636.